Reflecting on the Past and the Future

Looking back at my post the first week there is not much that I would change. I stand by my statement of the need to Be Open as we go forward, looking to both the past and the future for how we can best accomplish whatever task is ahead of us. What has changed since the beginning of the semester is my ability to articulate my views about digital libraries. At the start of the semester I was looking through the large lens of a telescope and missing a lot, now looking through the small end I can see the big picture and it is exciting more than anything else, kick of adrenaline for my career.

From Borges’s Library of Babel I took the excitement of the realm of possibilities but also the caution of having read a lot of dystopian novels. Going digital does not mean abandoning print resources but rather expanding them and new exciting ways. From Bush’s article I took the need of librarians and libraries to continue collaborating with coworkers, other departments, and other libraries. Together we can work to bridge gaps like the digital divide, fight for fair use, and overcome whatever challenges may arise inf the future.

It has been an honor studying and learning with you all this semester. I look forward to working with you all again as colleagues in the future.

Twitter: SHtheLibrarian


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