Metadata Librarian at Princeton

After working on adding metadata to my portion of the WUA, I had a new appreciation for the need for positions such as this Western Languages Metadata Librarian that was posted in March for the Princeton University Library.  Digital libraries that are done well definitely succeed at hiding the great amount of work that is needed behind the scenes to add the necessary metadata that give meaning to the digital objects, make them findable, and usable.

In looking over the qualifications, overall I feel like I have been about to seek and gain quite a bit of experience and training that would enable me to pursue a position similar to this (save the Spanish/Portuguese language skills), though the more tech heavy elements remain a bit daunting, as I feel like library school, at least my experience thus far, has not quite figured out how best to incorporate tech elements into the program.  I have more or less sought experience and training outside of the program, and I expect to continue to do so.

Here is the description and requirements: 

Description and Responsibilities:

Princeton University Library seeks a flexible and innovative Metadata Librarian for Western Languages with a specialization in Spanish/Portuguese languages, history, and culture.  The Metadata Librarian for Western Languages will work as part of a team creating, converting and manipulating library metadata in various formats to provide control of and access to the Library’s collections, digital and print, with broad responsibility for Western language acquisitions, contributing special expertise, initiative and/or leadership where application of knowledge of Spanish and Portuguese language is required.   The librarian needs a strong grounding in cataloging principles and the ability to apply them to existing and emerging media in a variety of encoding formats coupled with strong technical skills and the imagination to envision alternate methods for achieving the Library’s goals.  The focus of the position is on creative and efficient management of metadata, and increasing use of technology whenever appropriate to achieve quicker, more efficient processing, control and discovery promotion of print and digital receipts and holdings.  The librarian will work with multiple library systems and use tools such as macros, MARCEdit, and the XML tools that are becoming more important for cross-walking and storing our data.



  • Strong working knowledge of Spanish and Portuguese;
  • M.L.S. or equivalent experience;
  • Minimum of two years professional experience in an academic or research library;
  • Experience which demonstrates a strong knowledge of cataloging principles;
  • Knowledge of RDA;
  • Knowledge of at least one XML metadata schema;
  • Knowledge of authority principles and practices;
  • XML, XPath, Xquery, Xquery update;
  • Experience demonstrating capability for project planning and workflow management;
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a collegial, team environment.


  • Working knowledge of other European languages;
  • Experience demonstrating supervisory skills;
  • Familiarity with systems architecture;
  • Knowledge of additional metadata schema.






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