Special Collections, Archives, and Digital Initiatives Librarian

While perusing around the ALA JobLIST, I came across this position (http://www.coloradomesa.edu/hr/documents/specialcollectionslibrarian.1498.ann_.pdf) titled  Special Collections, Archives, and Digital Initiatives Librarian at Colorado Mesa University.  After reading the articles for this week, they stressed the need to gain technological skills because many of the digital library positions require them.  So I was really surprised when I saw this posting required no tech skills at all.  Despite being in charge of scanning projects and the job responsilbilty of “Identifies, digitizes, catalogs and mounts digital collections in the digital repository” the posting only required the following skills


 ALA-accredited Master’s Degree.

 Strong service orientation.

 Positive interpersonal skills.

 Sound critical thinking skills.

 Excellent written and oral communication skills

and preferred that the applicant have these skills


 At least three years of experience in special collections, and/or archives, and/or digital collections.

 Coursework relevant to Special Collections, Archives, and Digital Initiatives.

 Reference and instruction experience.

 Experience using III Millennium, OCLC, MARC, Dublin Core, Digitool and Archivists Toolkit.

What this job posting shows is that yes, technological skills are important but they are not always necessary for employment because they can be taught to you on the job or easily learned through continuing education courses.  It also shows that skills that you already posses, like good interpersonal skills or the ability to work well in a team, can go far when looking for employment.  Even the Choi and Rasmussen article talked about how “interpersonal skills and communication skills” were becoming more in demand.  Having LIS schools offer technology courses and some of those courses being made required is important so that students to gain a general understanding of the technology out there but you cannot always learn everything in your coursework and as this posting demonstrates, sometimes your personality traits can be of more worth than what you learned.


One response to “Special Collections, Archives, and Digital Initiatives Librarian

  1. I wonder how library schools could teach interpersonal skills. I feel that group work is something designed to develop said skill. But it’s interesting how we view certain things as innate temperaments while others can be learned

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