Information Systems Librarian | Time Warner


During my time at SLIS and through a variety of classes I have been asked to both find and draft job postings.  Usually I aim high, like the Curator of the Smithsonian, but I thought that I would take a look at what was really out there in digital librarianship that interests me.

I looked predominantly at special library positions, the results were somewhat surprising.  While in general almost all librarian positions require at least some interaction with digital materials, there was only one job posting in Minnesota that required any sort of digital librarianship  (Collection Management/E-Resources Librarian in the small southern town of Marshall, MN).  Thankfully, when I extended my search to the other 50 States I was hearted to see quite a plethora of opportunities across the country, and somewhat intrigued by what I found, specifically with this job posting for an IT Librarian at Time Customer Service, Inc. (or Information Systems Librarian as described directly at their website: in Tampa, FL.  As somewhat of a generalist, I was drawn towards the variety of tasks described in the posting (maintaining the online catalog, managing subscriptions, providing reference services, providing research, etc.), and was somewhat surprised to see that IT/database skills are mentioned but not drawn out.  The requirements simply read: Familiarity with Drupal or similar CMSs, wikis, Google Search appliances; advise in acquisition or development of these”.

While it is somewhat inferred that Time Warner requires many of the skills/courses listed of Tzo and Millard’s article, this job posting appears to be a great example of where IT will be in charge of developing the database infrastructure for the company, and depend on the librarian for the “user-end” and developing and researching their collection.  I think this separate yet symbiotic relationships between IS and IT is a productive way forward; however, I can acknowledge that this will likely happen more often within large companies.  In smaller academic/public library settings where people are often dazzling by IT know-how, having a few good resources (whether it be people, text books, or websites) where you can find information you need about tech-issues will become invaluable.  As they say, it’s all about who you know….   


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