Findability and its Importance to Your Digital Library

In this week’s readings, I really enjoyed the Morville article, especially his discussion on the importance of findability.  This was something that had never really occurred to me before.  It has always been stressed to me, in some of my other courses, how important it is for the site to be user friendly.  This seems obvious as there are so many information sources on the web, if a site is not user friendly, then people will simply not use it and opt for another site instead but the idea of findability is something new to me.  In building any website, the main focus seems to be on the user experience and a lot of usability testing is done to ensure that the site is as user friendly as possible.  However, is the findabilty of the site ever tested?  It seems as if findability is pushed to the back burner but it is just as important for your site to be findable as it is to be user friendly.  A reason for this is that if your site is not user friendly, then many people will choose not use it but if your site is unfindable, then no one will use it because they will not be able to locate it on the web.  Overall, this idea of findability should be considered more in the creation of your website or digital library as it will ensure patrons find your site amongst all the other information sources on the web.


2 responses to “Findability and its Importance to Your Digital Library

  1. I would love to type in a search term and have the first hit be a digital library and not wikipedia.

  2. So glad that this notion of “findability” resonated with you. It’s a concept that gives you something really concrete to hold onto when discussing the notion of user friendliness!

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