selection criteria and aims of the digitization project

Have you been involved in creating (or following) a selection plan for digitization?  Who was involved in creating the guidelines, and what were the key points in the plan?  Did you experience any failures?

I am working in the Mills Music Library now, and there are two on-going projects about LPs donated by the public in the library. One is to select the LPs that meet the given criteria, another is record the information about the LPs that needed to be deleted. Though those LPs will not be digitized, I have learnt about some selection criteria in the project. The guidelines are create by a librarian who works on the LPs and other special collections. It includes many detailed criteria. For example, the LP which is related to UW-Madison will be considered.

What are the aims of the digitization project or program and how can these guide selection, in cases where limited resources prevent you from digitizing the whole collection?

The aims of the digitization project discussed in the NINCH guide include increasing access, preservation, meeting research needs, meeting user needs and demands, using metadata and complementing other digitization efforts. I agree that the aims of one digitization project determines the selection criteria of the materials. From another class “Collection development”, I have learnt that usually the first two reasons for a library to have a digitization project would be increasing access and preservation. If there physical copies inside the library and librarians want to digitize them to increase the remote access, they will need to know their community well before they start it. For example, if they have a lot of patrons who want to access the materials at home or other places outside the library, then the project is really needed.

And I like the selection criteria given by Library of Congress for their preservation digital reformatting program. They put emphasis on the value of the materials in the criteria, because this program is aim for preservation. Also, they put the condition, use, characteristics of originals, acceptablility of the resulting digital object and access aids in the criteria. They consider about the condition of the material, because damaged items really need to be digitized. I am also curious about why they want to digitize the items which has originals with different characteristics. Thanks for providing  the interesting criteria of different institutions, mmmeyer3!


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