Free PM tools



For those who are more technically inclined (or eager to learn) and interested in a free, open-source project management package, you might want to check out the online project management package,  Redmine.

Redmine offers a collaborative and online way to coordinate projects.  This can be good for projects that have geographically diverse members.  With it you can create Gantt charts, Wikis, document sharing, multi-level tools for administration, forums, issue tools, etc.  Since it is open source, it is in continual development and new or enhanced tools pop up all the time.

I also have been noticing more and more that program writing skills are greatly preferred in job postings.  If you are inclined, you might want to check out Ruby on Rails (sometimes just shortened to Ruby).  I have seen about a dozen jobs that would like potential hirees to know something about the program.  It is also open source and while not super-easy to learn, anyone can learn the basics.



2 responses to “Free PM tools

    • No, I use C/C++/C#. In my work environment we use Python for some automation. Ruby is a powerful script language. I am surprised librarians are required to have Ruby experiences. I believe it only refers to some basic knowledge so that librarians are able to communicate with programmers. But I really doubt the necessity. In current tight labor market, a job description simply depicts a super-man or super-woman!

      By the way, there are whole bunch of script languages. Sometimes the choice of language is just a “religious” belief.

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