More PM Tools: Basecamp

More PM Tools: Basecamp

If you do have a little money available and are looking for good, collaborative software to manage a project (esp. if you have multiple branches or stakeholders in multiple locations), you should check out Basecamp. I prefer it to Sharepoint (Microsoft’s collaboration software). So if you’re looking for something to track tasks and priorities, you might want to check it out.


6 responses to “More PM Tools: Basecamp

  1. Thanks for these resources! Do you notice a difference since when you started using BaseCamp? My coworker says that it used to be much more user-friendly. I’ve only used it within the last year, so have no comparison. Thoughts?

    • I am also curious the comparisons between BaseCamp and SharePoint, beyond the factor of user-friendly.

      • I’ve only used the enterprise version of Sharepoint so that colors my response, but Basecamp seems to be more user-centric. Sharepoint very much looks like a 1993-style Windows environment and can be clunky to navigate. I like that Basecamp has a calendar feature and I like its notification system a lot more (and I like that you can loop people in and out appropriately). It’s clearer for marking task status, too. I’ll try to take some nonproprietary screenshots of each of my installations to demonstrate the difference (at least with the version we have of Sharepoint!)

    • I actually think it’s more user-friendly than it was originally. It has sort of a summary page that shows the latest discussions and task lists, rather than tabs. But my preference is for a more expansive view, if that makes sense (I have to run to a meeting but will try to grab some screenshots to demonstrate, as we use the Classic install for one of our projects.)

  2. Awesome additional resources. I think challenges related to multiple branches and schedules really impact the library world. The passing along of the current status of a project, assessing what needs to be done next, and insuring a comfortable workflow could all perhaps be addressed by using these suggestions.

  3. I currently am on a project that uses Basecamp and I find it really easy to use. It helps as a management tool for communication that isn’t email. I currently get 60-100 emails a day and another service to track communication is invaluable. On Sharepoint, it is as good as you make it. BaseCamp has great features but isn’t customizable. Sharepoint only has great features if you develop it to.

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