I’ve never been a project manager before, but I am a regular manager.  Looking over the requirements for digital project management as laid out by the NINCH, it seems  like there are a lot of things specific to digitization that a project manager must accomplish but there are lots of elements that fall under general management.  I would definitely not want to be solely responsible for the intellectual property rights!

For my project, I chose to digitize photographs that I had taken on a trip to Poland.  I really didn’t have a plan going into scanning these photographs, and I found out that I scanned at a higher dpi than necessary.  Hopefully, having a sensible plan means that you think of things like that ahead of time, but it is important, with any management strategy, to be flexible.

Additionally, I can see how the burden of work is really in the metadata, whether born digital or scanned.  In thinking about a digitziation project for work, I’ve been conceiving of the whole thing as a scanning problem, but I can see now that it is much much much more involved than that.


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  1. I agree that the burden of the work in a digitization project concerns metadata. This is especially true for collections that involve multi-part objects because they require structural metadata.

  2. I also felt burdened by metadata because I did not plan well in the beginning. I also scanned everything in at a very high dpi and ended up re-scanning everything. It was only five photos but imagine if the project was much larger. Definitely a learning experience for the next assignment.

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