Curse your sudden and inevitable betrayal

Just in case I wasn’t convinced about the lack of longevity on Google products, this is what I got yesterday on one of my favorits, Reader:

Powering Down Google Reader

Three months.  Because Google Play is way more lucrative.  Which makes sense, they are a business after all.


7 responses to “Curse your sudden and inevitable betrayal

  1. But hey, you can always use Google Takeout to store the vast collection of human knowledge on your harddrive(s)

  2. Orkut, anyone?

    What an object lesson for why it is so critical that we have digital tools and platforms that are not devoted to a profit-motive.

  3. Boo! I love Google Reader.
    Oh well, I have come to the understanding that when something is free on the internet, it most often will either a) flip to a pay for use service or b) be abandoned for pay models.

    Geocities anyone?

  4. hm, a little ominous, there at the end. funny they didn’t have a gravesite for google scholar. how’s that service help google? i’m calling it right now, glass will be around longer than scholar. glass can sell ads. augmented reality ads!

    which reminds me, when i was hearing about glass on npr the other day and i thought, man some library should bundle content so you can get your glass info from your local library, instead of … whoever is bundling it now, presumably google.

    • Google Scholar is basically dead – they incorporated it into the regular Google search. Sure, you can still type in the URL, but sooner or later, that will be going bye-bye too.

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