HathiTrust, DPLA and Google


HathiTrust, DPLA and Google

1.With the current rate of expansion of HathiTrust, what do you see as it’s niche in the future and how do you see it working with or against the DPLA effort?

From  John Wilkin’s presentation and the Q&A session at the end, we can tell that basically the difference between HathiTrust and DPLA is the content they are going to provide and the community they aim to serve. The partnership of   HathiTrust includes many academic and research libraries, while DPLA focuses on working with public libraries. Though HathiTrust are still finding how they can relate to DPLA and maybe collaborate with them, I think they will more chances to work together instead of competing with each other.

For Google, “Google-digitized volumes make up the largest portion of content in HathiTrust”, but HathiTrust is more than Google. Also it has a more user-friendly interface. I have search for “HathiTrust” in UW-library’s databases tab, the result is showed in the picture. It is interesting to see how UW-library describe the HathiTrust. And it also has compared a little between HathiTrust and Google.

2. HathiTrust’s core values are stated as “community, scale, access/preservation, and openness”. From the articles and from your exploration of the site, what activities or information have you found that support these values?

By reading York’s and Christienson’s articles, I think the most important value of HathiTrust is that it makes efforts to preserving the materials. It works on “preventing intellectual property misuse within the confines of current U.S copyright law.” So it preserves academic articles and other resources, then provide safe and secure access to the content for the users. In another class, I have learnt about the preservation of digital materials and the cost of data management. So it will be interesting to see how HathiTrust preserve the increasing materials in the future.


3 responses to “HathiTrust, DPLA and Google

  1. HathiTrust does work hard to control their resources as to protect users from copyright law violations. While US copyright law will always place restrictsion on HathiTrust being totally open I hope in time HathiTrust begins to use their size to push for expanded use/access to copyrighted materials. I believe having less restrictions on use will make long term data management easier as materials can be stored in many locations without putting a lot of roadblocks in place for access.

  2. a.d.m.n, I completely agree. Europeana has worked with multiple countries to either bypass or relax copyright restrictions for the international library. They have also been working directly with publishers to draft deals to get copyrighted works available sooner. Do you see that happening with HathiTrust or with the DPLA?

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