Digital Version of MPLP

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3 responses to “Digital Version of MPLP

  1. This is the guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you tammygoss for making my day just now.

    I used this guy’s incredibly quirky but wonderfully comprehensive website to make an amazing find of some forgotten field recordings of a folk singer I have been researching for the past 5 years (found because the recording session was mentioned in a short newspaper article from 1924) — part of the reason I’m interested in digital libraries and enrolled in SLIS in the first place. Amazing.

    I am so pumped that this is the story behind that website!! So awesome. What a character huh?

    And YES that site is NOT EASY to navigate but, the newspapers are all there so once you get a hang of the goofy search interface and can creatively tweak your searches it’s still very useful.

    As awkward as his site is to use, when compared with the literally 40 hours of microfilm reading it took for me to search 20 years of a weekly Minnesota paper by going to the MNHS library in my spare time over the past 2 years….. it’s pretty obvious how much value is added by even the most basic digitization project!

  2. I am so glad my find made your day!
    I wonder, do you think a local/state historical society has reached out to him? I would think it would be important to do so, even if it is just to make sure that when he decides to close shop, they can archive his site and database.

    I am so glad he was able to help you 🙂 That’s what it is all about, isn’t it?

  3. Yes, that is what it is all about! … with the exception of the preservation question which is definitely worth asking in this case. After finding his quirky private collection, I also spent time working with this more standard and easier to work with collection put together by the Northern New York Library Network: It has some overlap with the quirky Fulton site in terms of area covered (which includes titles from St. Lawrence County and other counties covered by the NNYLN site) but, as far as I can tell, there isn’t much overlap in actual newspapers covered. The two sites don’t reference eachother but maybe they have intentionally avoided duplicating the work of one another. Really they should be merged… I have a feeling Mr Tryniski might not be interested in collaboration. I wonder…
    An interesting case to be sure.

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