4 responses to “My own adventures with metadata

  1. Thanks for correcting my writing mistake. I really must learn to slow down when I do my proof-reading.
    As you point out, even a tiny piece of metadata can help. Of course, being familiar with the subject is also important. But I think this goes to point out that highly structured standards do not have to be the only way we use metadata. If all you can use is Dublin Core then that should not be a reason to not place items in a digital collection.
    I am sure it is a matter of personality but I tend to fall more along the lines of get stuff up on the Internet even if it is not perfect. Sometimes when working towards perfection nothing ends up happening at all.

  2. That is the philosophy most appealing to me too: better to have a collection online and searchable than nothing online at all in many cases — and better to have imperfect metadata than no metadata at all. The search developers (and tag interpreters – which I mentioned in a previous comment) are working to make the most of the content that is up online so if those of us that put content online work to make the most of our metadata given, often, limited resources, hopefully the result will be fairly navigable and findable data.

  3. Thanks for this thoughtful discussion, Brian – and a.d.m.n! It’s a thrill to hear about the work so many of you are involved in and your own expertise outside of the context of class.

  4. Brian: You solved a very tough “data mining” problem with your implicit human knowledge. A minor metadata indeed has the potential to trigger an expected “search space.” Hopefully in the future the artificial intelligence is able to simulate this process to certain extent.

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