3 responses to “Metadata | Out of the Ivory Castle

  1. I remember the first time I read about FRBR, RDF and semantic web concepts. My Type A side got so excited, “oh’ we could actually organize the whole Internet, it would actually be useful!” Then I remembered we all have lives and that would never happen.
    I took the database design class last semester and I highly suggest dropdown menus to help keep everyone using the same keywords. It will make your life a lot easier and make the system more useful.

  2. Ugh. I tried to deal with a database at a hospital once and we ended up including common misspellings (and hospital lingo and the way the chief surgeon spelled actual medical terms) as key-words. It killed my spirit.

  3. I am curious in your funding program what are the obstacles to enforce rigorous keywords in your database. Without well-defined value sets, it is almost impossible to perform relational algebra in commercial databases.

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