My Experiences with Metadata and Assignment One

A picture from my vacation in Germany that I used for assignment one.

A picture from my vacation in Germany that I used for assignment one.

I have never worked with Dublin Core, MODS, or METS before but I have worked with MARC in both my volunteer work at the Wisconsin Veterans Museum (WVM) and at my new job at Jacobsen library.  What I find interesting is the different ways that both places use MARC.  I have worked on archival collections at the WVM and created MARC records for those collections.  The information that was needed for those collections was very different from what sort of information is collected for books at Jacobsen.  That is one thing that is nice about MARC, it has the flexibility to allow for different types of materials to be cataloged.  But I also agree with librariems, that with all of the field possibilities, one could get carried away with trying to input information about the item, which is why standards are so important.  When creating the MARC records at WVM, I was given several packets on what fields to use and how the information should be placed into those fields.  These packets pertained to what sort of collection I was working with, either images or text or a mixture of both.  It was really helpful and important because it ensured consistency among all of their collections.

This was also my first time working with Omeka and I really liked how easy and straightforward everything was.  For my collection, I decided to use images from my vacations in the past couple of years; the one in the corner is from my trip to Germany.  I have a scanner and decided to scan some of my pictures I had hanging on my walls.  What was at first difficult for me was trying to save the image as a TIFF.  Initially it only scanned as a JPEG and there was no way to save it as a TIFF.  After several attempts, I ended up using the help menu, and from there was able to scan and save my images as TIFFs.  Another snag was that one of my photos is an 11 x 14 and my scanner is only an 8 x 11.  I had to decide what parts of the photo I could do without and find a way to scan that without ruining my photo.  Besides those little glitches, I really enjoyed the first assignment and working with Omeka.


One response to “My Experiences with Metadata and Assignment One

  1. My interpretation from you description about MARC usages is that for each metadata schema, each institution still needs a well-defined guideline on how and what practitioners should enter data.

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