Workflow to Get an Image in the Preview

How to?

How to?

Hi, everyone. One of your classmates recently posted this in a comment:

I was working to get a picture attached to my most recent post. And while I did figure out how to get a picture to display on the main page of the blog, it does not show up when one clicks to read the full post. How do you load your images so I can do the same?

I, too, have noticed that getting a picture to show up in the main blog page isn’t as easy as it ought to be. I will share my workflow to get it to work, and others should chime in as to how they’ve gotten it working; chances are there’s an easier way to do this.

1. I create a new post and choose “text.”
2. I write the post. I do not use the “insert photo” button, as the picture never seems to show up this way. Rather I

3. Save the post, go back and edit it, and click on the “add media” button. At this point, I have the chance to upload a local image, add a caption, choose its position and size. When I do things this way, the image always seems to show up properly.

Anyone else got an easier method?


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