Omeka Assignment

While I had heard of Omeka in a previous class this was my first chance to work with the program and really the first time I had to create a full metadata record for an item.  I chose to create a collection of a few art pieces I own.  While I assumed working on the metadata would be a learning process I never expected to have so much trouble taking photographs of artwork.

Finding the best lighting, background coloring, avoiding glare off of the glass, trying to use large image files but unable to reduce camera shake and the resulting blur…I now know why digital projects require professional equipment.  My digital camera, while fine for all the other pictures in my life, was not up to the standard I would expect of a true digital library collection.

I am not sure it is expected by I wanted to share the link to my collection.  Not so much as I wished to share my collection but because I look forward to seeing everyone else’s collection.


6 responses to “Omeka Assignment

  1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful collection with us a.d.m.n! Did you acquire these pieces in Ireland? Sound like it from the metadata! 🙂 I have spent a lot of time over there so I was intrigued.

    I too ended up learning a lot about the technical process of bringing analog images into the digital realm. I have done quite a bit of scanning and working with images in Photoshop for websites and publication but this assignment gave me the chance to scrutinize some aspects of quality that I never had before.

    I will explain my collection in more detail in a separate post but basically I used a collection of historical photographs that I own. I have about 10 photos I was interested in using but I learned that a couple of them are not actually “real photos” but rather printed images that are hard to scan. They are made up of dots if you look at them closely so that when you scan them you get this funny crosshatching distortion called moiré I found some online tutorials on getting rid of moiré using Photoshop but had limited success.

    I also ended up wondering about color when it comes to historical photos that are “black and white” but have have yellowed over time. I chose to keep all all my files as color (rather than converting to greyscale) and tried to use Photoshop to match the actual color of the originals as much as possible. Fairly time intensive, but I prefer the result to greyscaling.

    Here’s my collection (still tweaking it a bit):

  2. Both of your collections are very, very good. I purposely picked old family photos because I thought it would give me more of a challenge, and I was right. I still want to do some work on the aerial photo in my assignment and do some compressing and double-checking, but please click on the link. I am having a hard time seeing the collection outside of being logged into Omeka.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I am really enjoying seeing what others have done with this assignment. For mine I choose to digitize a few of my late grandmother’s photos from the late 1930s, when she was in her early 20s.

    After her death, my family found shoe box after shoe box of old photos, many of which are sadly unlabeled, so we have no idea who the people are or any other information about them. My family is rather large, so rather than dividing the photos up, we decided to try to scan them and share the digital copies with everyone who wanted them. This job some how fell on me (perhaps my family foresaw my future in librarianship!), but at the time I had no idea just how many photos I was going to have to scan (its upwards of 500 or more).

    Anyway, here are 4 of them. These are some of the more interesting ones, given the background scenery, also I had the most metadata for these, with dates and even locations.

    • Fantastic photos Lori! Thanks for sharing! Great story too. I have a stack of photos here from both my grandmothers’ collections that my mom made copies of for me for Christmas. Very special gift.

  4. Thanks to all of you for sharing what you did on your projects. The old photographs are very special. It is a huge project to work with so many pictures. Hopefully you’ve had some luck determining who some of the individuals are.
    Brian, yes last summer I left the rest of my family at home and went to Ireland alone for a week. I could talk about my trip for hours, I loved it, and I’m very jealous you’ve gone more than once. I am also thrilled my metadata helped to determine some of the art was from Ireland!

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