Additional Resource: the W3C

The World Wide Web Consortium, or W3C

The World Wide Web Consortium, or W3C

Fellow 879er hsikaiyang posted an extremely informative and interesting post on the nature of XML over the weekend. In it, he made reference to the W3C, and I posted a link to that body in the comments of his post, but this is an important enough resource that it merits its own standalone entry.

For those of you that want to explore and learn more, you may wish to visit the W3C – the World Wide Web Consortium – an Internet standards body founded by Tim Berners-Lee (the inventor, as it were, of the World Wide Web, and the main champion of the so-called “semantic web”). Here is the link, which I will also add to our blogroll:


2 responses to “Additional Resource: the W3C

  1. Thanks for the link but on totally unrelated note… I was working to get a picture attached to my most recent post. And while I did figure out how to get a picture to display on the main page of the blog, it does not show up when one clicks to read the full post. How do you load your images so I can do the same?

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