(Novice) Thoughts About Digitization

What do you think about the CDP’s scanning standard? I like and agree with the DCP that the purpose of digitization should be beyond access.

Digitization breaks down barriers to information and opens doors to a vast wealth of knowledge, making access an integral goal of digital library projects. Without denying the importance of access, additional goals are valuable elements of digital collections. 

For example, a set of scanning standards was created by the CDP to develop and maintain best practices, and resolution and quality of the scanning methods are two “principles” incorporated by the CDP. A user may have access to a collection, but if the overall quality of the scanned materials is blurry or unreadable, the value and usage of a digital collection will be significantly less. 

What do you think is the most important thing when librarians are digitizing their collections?   

This is a difficult question, but here are a few thoughts. Standards, procedures and policies should be agreed upon and in place before the actual project begins. This is to ensure continuity of practice and process from everyone working on the project. (e.g. staff member A uses GIF, and volunteer B uses JPG when digitizing photographs.)

Any issues and questions concerning copyright and intellectual property should be fully answered before work begins on the project. Some individuals, organizations, or estates will allow digitization of materials but limit access to library users. In this respect, access for the collection would increase, but also have limits. These types of stipulations may dictate the exclusion of certain collections to be digitized.

p.s. sorry for the late post: whooping cough and no response to antibiotics. slowing crawling back to reality…


One response to “(Novice) Thoughts About Digitization

  1. Hang in there, drummergirl! This has been a very, very tough season for illness. Hope no one else is struggling. Thanks for a great post!

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