Types of Images (And some cool links too!)

The way librarians benefit from using different kinds of digital images is the way everyone else can benefit from using different types of digital images.  Just like a screwdriver is used for screws and you wouldn’t use a hammer to complete that task, each kind of digital image is best from something and not so great for others.  Certain types of images are used to allow the viewer to get an idea of the content of the image quickly without putting any strain on the browser, internet connection, or viewing device.  These images would could be medium quality JPEGS.  Others allow for very big lossless files that have a digital image so clear it is like you are actually there.  For some really big images (I mean huge. One of these images is some 400+ MB.  To put that in perspective, the 13 minute part 2 interview this week with Keely Merchant is about 80 MB and that is moving pictures) check out this website.  That website is an example of why you might want to have large lossless file and there are only certain types of files that can support that, for that website many of the images are TIFFs.


Something kind of cool I saw the other day, from my new favorite YouTube channel Vsauce, that ties in somewhat with our discussion this week talks about what our eyes actually see when we look at a computer screen.  Check out this video.  The topic is only covered until about 2:20, but feel free to watch the rest or other videos.  I have enjoyed them.


5 responses to “Types of Images (And some cool links too!)

  1. Thank you for the website and the nice video! I think TIFF works really well for text. And it looks like it is also good for the images in the website.

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