This week, the discussion seemed to highlight the compromises we must make when thinking about digital libraries.  We have to decide whether to use lossy or lossless files, which in turn affects storage space, scanning time, and ease of transmission.  We have to make decisions about the CMS, whether we gear it for the user or the library’s ease of use.  What kind of metadata schemas and standards can also have a large effect on our projects.  Do we attempt to capture everything about each object or do we try to tailor it more closely to the specifics of our projects?  And of course, what do we do with the inevitable problems, goblins and disagreements that always show up once we have everything set to go?  This has been a thoughtful and informative discussion for me and I’ve really appreciated your thoughts on the subject.  See you next week, all.


3 responses to “compromises

  1. What a great segue into our discussion of metadata, and our first real hands on experiences, coming in module 6. 🙂

  2. Btw, thinking about these issues in terms of compromise, or as a series of affordances and constraints that create interplay and interrelate among each other is a great way to approach it.

  3. Thanks for this post. I feel like that’s what working on content management/digital work is at its heart: finding the best solution for the most amount of users and within your resources. It can inspire innovation, but it also means workarounds and disagreements, and there will always be someone who says, “But my website does X, why can’t yours?”

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