Wk4 – Omeka on Windows

Although I had an Omeka.net account, I took on the challenge of trying to install Omeka via Ampps on my Windows 7 desktop.

Ampps is a stack of Apache, PHP, MySQL, Perl & Python and supposedly makes it easy for anyone to create a new web site using a template or an existing free open source application, customize it, and then publish it on the internet via a wide choice of hosting service providers.

Mmmmhmmmm.  Easier to type than to actually do it…

After 4 attempts at installing the software, I was finally able to launch the program (hint: disable your firewall). Yippee!  Then I downloaded Omeka and it repeatedly forced me to try to use the Adobe CS6 trial version that I downloaded months ago and can’t afford to pay for the full version.  I figured I could remove CS6 and use another program but that was wishful thinking. Omeka kept reporting the error that it couldn’t find CS6.

At this point, I gave up and went back to the free Omeka.net basic account I created several semesters ago.  Bingo! I will take the free and easy way out this time and leave the playing with Omeka 2.0 for another time when I am not juggling 12 credits, work, and a practicum.






5 responses to “Wk4 – Omeka on Windows

  1. Tammy – we commend you on your bravery! My curiosity has the best of me, though; do you have any idea why on earth the stack was trying to launch the Adobe Creative Suite?

  2. No idea at all! I do have to say though by this time I was thoroughly frustrated and not willing to delve into it deeper. I did a cursory search through the forums but I didn’t have any luck. Truth is though, I didn’t look very hard.

  3. Tammy, kudos to you for trying the 2.0 version, but double kudos for knowing when enough is enough. You certainly have a lot going on.

    Like many of our classmates, you seem to have a very advanced technical knowledge. I am excited that I am able to learn from all of you, but a little nervous as well.

  4. Hang in there, drummergirl! No matter where you are now, you’re going to be somewhere down the road by semester’s end – and that’s what counts!

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