Omeka vs. WordPress

Disclaimer: I am speaking about the hosted blogs/CMS’s.  The ones you host on your own are a bit more complicated.

It seems like many of you all have not had a lot of experience with WordPress and this might be class might be your first or second exposure to a content management system.  My view of Omeka is from someone who has had a lot of experience with WordPress, but not other CMS’s is that Omeka.  From what I saw in the videos, it is just a copy of what WordPress looks like.  This is not a bad thing however.  There is a reason why WordPress is the most popular and widely used CMS in the world. (Take a look at this).  I think it stems from its ease of use and how its GUI is set up.  The management of a WordPress site can be somewhat overwhelming at first, but if you do some normal “research,” watch some YouTube tutorials, read some instructions, etc., it becomes intuitive to use.  This “copy-catting” of WordPress is what I really like about Omeka.  It allows people who have used WordPress in the past an relatively seamless transition into Omeka and for people who are using Omeka as their first exposure to a CMS it shouldn’t be a headache as it is just as simple as WordPress.

Omeka looks very similar to WordPress in terms of how to use it, but it WordPress doesn’t have the “oomph” of what Omeka does in terms of forming it your digital collections or exhibits.  As many people have quoted, “It is difficult to propose one specific DL system as the most suitable for all cases. Each system has its advantages and drawbacks.” (Pyrounakis, G and Nikolaidou, M.)  Each CMS works best specifically for what it is designed for.  You can’t make a CMS that excels at all things about content management.


2 responses to “Omeka vs. WordPress

  1. I have had limited use of WordPress, but more extensive use of Omeka. I used it for a class several semesters ago and while I haven’t touched it since (I couldn’t remember my user name or password), it was very easy to pick back up. Admittedly, my experience with WordPress is limited, but it seems limited in several ways. What I like about WordPress is that it is relatively straight-forward for those of us using Windows. Unless you use, there are some hoops you have to jump through in order to use Omeka on a server.

    If memory serves me correctly, in one class we had to set up a digital exhibit on Omeka and one of the group members had a devil of a time setting up Omeka to work properly on her LInux server. I believe fixing it involved hair pulling, some alcohol, and several military-style curse words.

    You picked out a great Pyrounakis, G and Nikolaidou, M. quote. There is never any type of software that will do exactly what you want it to do, unless you have the skills to write the code yourself.

  2. You really have the right of it, here, kks; as the readings indicated, and as you know from your real-world experience, selecting a platform is all about affordances and constraints, and what you can afford to live without vs. what you would die without. The good news is that you can now add experience with and knowledge of Omeka to that résumé. That will go for everyone!

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