A Maze of Formats

Before this week I will confess that I could not have described what the difference between file formats was for anything beyond “These pictures look blocky and this seems to keep them better”. In fact for years I have been saving everything as JPGs, overriding the original format. The articles have really improved my understanding of the different formats for pictures and audio so I can now articulate why I don’t like a format. For example I have never liked BMPs and now I can say it is because they are a proprietary format for Microsoft which makes them difficult or useless to non-Microsoft programs.  In the future I’ll likely be using the PNG format to save image files when possible; I’ve already discovered that my multi-functional printer can only scan in PDF or JPG but that works for most of the things I would or will be scanning with it.

Music formats are another format that I now understand a little bit better than I did and can now articulate a little more confidence than I could before. While I enjoy listening to music and audiobooks I don’t make my own sound recordings so I don’t have any experience with saving files. I have been using iTunes for almost a decade and have always found its audio to be a better quality than what I could previously get, my ears aren’t very well trained but I’ve recognized the tinny sound in some MP3s that I had. Going forward I hope to learn more about audio formats especially since there are now multiple versions of AAC encodings for example, more for reference if I ever need to record an audio files.


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