One thing that surprised me, from the Pyrounakis and Nikolaidou  article, is the fact that some of the software has support for storing the digital document itself, while some just support metadata.  I think this is something you’d really need to know, going into a project.  I think we’ll be learning more about this in unit 5, so I’m really interested to find out what the pros and cons are.

Not too long ago, I was talking to a guy at work about his genealogy collection, which includes lots of photographs.  He was wondering what to do with them to get them ready for transfer.  I am now thinking that something like Omeka would be a neat way for him to tag and host those things, but really, as an individual, and an aging one, he has no way to keep up a subscription over the long term.  Tagging and storage in the cloud are a great idea but I wonder if he (for example) should take care to store them in some kind of local setting and just upload stuff for display, rather than rely on a cloud host that he may or may not be able to  continue paying for (I’m assuming that his collection is more than 500 mb worth).  Anyway, again, this sounds like it leads into next week.


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  1. It surely does, and these are absolutely critical considerations to take into account when deciding what kinds of characteristics the platform you decide on should have. Great insight.

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