Omeka, Greenstone, and Other Content Management Systems

Stephentheblog and I are your discussion leaders this week.  We worked together and came up with a few questions and a little more information about content management systems.

This week’s reading focused on specific content management systems (CMS), more specifically on Omeka and Greenstone, and explained some of their advantages and disadvantages.  With so many different CMS’ out there, it can be difficult to choose which one would be good for your specific project.  Pyrounakis and Nikolaidou give us some ideas on how to pick the correct one.  What are some things that someone should consider when he or she is trying to pick the CMS for a project they are working on?

The Pyrounakis and Nikolaidou article also went through several CMS’ and rated them based on specific qualities needed in an effective CMS.  Omeka was not discussed in this list but if it was one of the systems being compared, how do you think it would stack up against the other open access CMS’?  Is it a better choice?

In addition to Greenstone, Omeka, and the other CMS’ mentioned in the Pyrounakis and Nikolaidou’s article, there are many other CMSs, such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla that were not designed with libraries and public memory institutions in mind but can be used to host a digital library. A local example of this is the UW Digital Collection Center, which runs on a combination of Joomla and an archaic 1990’s proprietary software called SiteSearch. Library focused CMS software has an incredibly small footprint when you look at the web as a whole. This website,, suggests that the CMS that librarians are most familiar with likely have a market share of less than .1%. Given that tech support is going to be easier for an open source CMS that is more widely implemented, do you think librarians should do more to consider non-bibliographic CMS’?

Additionally, after reading about and exploring Omeka, through the tutorials and having worked with WordPress for the last few weeks, how do you like working with these open source CMS’? Which one seems more user friendly or are they very similar?  Do any of you have experience with proprietary CMS software like ContentDM? If, so how does the proprietary compare to Omeka?

Finally, here some interesting links about Drupal, an open source CMS that has library applications.

We look forward to seeing your responses and for a lively discussion this week


2 responses to “Omeka, Greenstone, and Other Content Management Systems

  1. I can imagine Stevie’s frustration. Most free open-source software “products” have similar problems. Our discussion leaders also liked us to discuss our concern over open source CMS. Eight years ago, I donated two projects to the open source communities. Right I still can receive requests from users for adding or modifying features; however, I really do not have time or resource. Similar limitations also apply to larger collaborative open sources, unless they become so widely popular that they reach some quasi-commercial status.

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