Managing the Masses

Of the different platforms that were reviewed across the different articles this week I liked Omeka the best.

Prior to this week WordPress was the platform that I was the most familiar with and has experience using. Several years ago I discovered WordPress and within months had moved my blogs over to it. It allows me to create new posts, copy posts, add tags and categories with some batch edit options. There are also a variety of tools, settings, and themes that are fully customizable to whatever the content manager would like. It also does a superb job of catching spam comments, more so than other blogging platforms I have used in the past. While I can see why WordPress would work as a content management system it is one that I would use to promote rather than build a collection.

Greenstone is another platform and one that I don’t believe I had heard of prior to this class. After reading about it and then exploring some of the example websites I found the system to be a little bit clunkier than I would have liked. The websites are customizable to the collection but they lack the well polished feel the WordPress sites had, nor was the interface as smooth. So while better for managing content it isn’t the system that I would prefer to use.

Which brings us to Omeka, overall this was the system that I liked the best. I found it to be more user friendly after some initial stumbling. I also wasn’t as intimidated in my exploration of the site as I felt with Greenstone. I was able to start building a collection and each field had description to help in the creation of metadata, which I appreciated. The various options for uploading content and metadata was also a plus. The websites that it produce are also customizable, I really like that you can include items and only feature some of them. So of the platforms if I were going to build a collection it would be using Omeka.


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