DPLA Video Primer

LIS 879 classmates,

I’m still preparing my prompts for this week’s discussion of DPLA, but encourage everyone to view this informative video presentation in the meantime.  In the brief 8:51 minute video current steering committee chair John Palfrey offers an up-to-date report on recent developments in the project including efforts for transparency in their meetings, discussion of the future home of the DPLA, and conceptual commentary on what the “DPLA will be” and how it will be substantiated in code.

If you feel compelled to comment, please do so below.  Otherwise consider it as simply a useful video primer from a leading DPLA spokesman.  I found the the experience both elucidating and relaxing as Mr. Palfrey has a very soothing tone to his rich, info-laden presentation.

Look for my prompts later tonight.



One response to “DPLA Video Primer

  1. Thanks, rudrud879, for this great link! We’ll be looking forward to your prompts and we thank you for being the first of your classmates to take the plunge as discussion leader. A virtual round of applause, everyone! *clap clap*

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