Hello everyone! I’m Stephanie Kuenn (“keen”), and I go by Stevie. I’m a third-year distance student, going part-time and planning to graduate in December 2013. I live in Chicago with my husband and daughter, where I work in digital marketing for the National Restaurant Association.

My interest in digital libraries comes from my experience managing websites and digital assets. We have just launched a redesign of our flagship website, something which involved determining how are users access information, what information is most important, and the effective management of assets, including organization of images and articles. I’m not coming from a traditional library perspective, but I think the principles of librarianship that we’re discussing in this class–user-centered design, smart organization, data management, even metadata–apply to the creation of web content. I’m looking forward to diving deeper into these topics.


2 responses to “Introduction

  1. Marketspace is the second largest application of DAM, next to broadcast and/or entertainment industry. Surely DAM has borrowed a lot from library science, such as taxonomy, metadata, etc. We are here to learn more from library scientists. Glad to meet you here.

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