future of photography?

I couldn’t help thinking of the direction of photography while reading the Bush essay… this may be interesting to some – is it the future of cameras? How do you think Bush would feel about this new(ish) technology?



3 responses to “future of photography?

  1. I think lytro has a niche in security or surveillance market. Lytro’s founder commercialized his PhD research on multiview at Stanford. It is predicted in the future hundreds or thousands of sensors will be deployed to capture a scene.

  2. Hsikai beat me to it, but I think he’s right-on – so many of the technologies we will discuss or touch upon have security and surveillance applications. We should keep this fact in mind as we think about implementing wide-scale services that make tracking and tracing behavior, among other things, almost a fundamental function of system architecture.

  3. I know that this will make me sound old, but this technology blows my mind. We capture and consume so much information every day, it boggles my mind. I don’t know that Bush could conceive of the amount either. For a memex to work for me, I’d need a ridiculously large desk.

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