Future information

In Bush’s article, he well analyzes the development of the science and technology and describes a device named “Memex” which can help to store and manage large amount of information. When he was thinking about “Memex”, the world was full of changes. People noticed the large amount of information appeared around them, and they wanted to access to and share those information. Under this kind of condition, Bush’s thought is so inspiring.

The “Memex” can store all kinds of information and retrieve them for reading. I am very interested in the part related to indexing in “Memex” in his article, too. I believe that it is a very important idea which inspires scientists. Also, I think what Bush wants to realize by using “Memex” is still a hot topic today. How can we enlarge the storage space? How can we manage our information and retrieve them quickly when needed?

For Borges, he gives a picture of the library in the future. There are rules for all the books, shelves and reading rooms in his library. I think he is trying to solve the same problem as Bush, which is in the environment of library. Borges mentions a lot about the infiniteness of library. In my point of view, both he and Bush have thought about how to manage the information in the future. They tried to make rules or tools for managing and using information.


4 responses to “Future information

  1. As for “indexing in Memex,” my interpretation is that Bush thought searching by indexing is an old method while he proposed searching by association.

    • I think this idea has been used in many social networks and blogs, too. For example, maybe labels and tags in the blogs.

  2. Both of them definitely seemed to predicting an incredible amount of information that was soon to be produced. In Bush’s case, especially, he was drawing on the wealth of scientific data that were being developed coming out of WWII and anticipating further scientific and technological R&D to come in the Cold War.

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