We’re Live!


Hi, everyone! Our Learn@UW site is now live and merged, so all students should be able to see content on the site. Please make sure to log in and check it out. While you’re there, download a PDF version of the syllabus and sign up for a week as discussion leader!

Looking forward to seeing your first posts appear on the blog. Who will be the brave soul who gets us started? Stay tuned!


One response to “We’re Live!

  1. According to the syllabus, we are to introduce ourselves on the LIS879 blog. I hope I am posting in the correct spot.

    I am a 1st year SLIS student, although I have been wandering around the department for at least 2 years. I am following the archives track and I hope to be graduating after this summer. I jumped on the digitization bandwagon back when home PCs first became affordable and I haven’t stopped yet!

    BTW – after several years in grad school, I had never read the article “How to Read for Graduate School”. I wish I would have read it years ago. I have not been reading the smart way. It may take me a bit to change my routine and style.

    Anyway, glad to be in this class and I look forward to working with everyone.

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