Some things never change

Hello LIS 879!  I am a second year distance student, planning on finishing up in May 2014.  Writing this (my first ever blog post) I am amused to note the changes in technology since I was an undergraduate.  It was not until college that I acquired my first email address.  And only halfway through college did I finally get around to owning a CD player.

As can be guessed from the above technological confessions I had a long spell separating college and now.  In between I’ve lived in four different states (physical not mental), gotten married, held five various jobs and now have a five-year old son.  However I was thrilled to note one constant between undergrad and graduate school.  While a young student I learned the power of chocolate-covered Oreos to solve any stressful situation.  Have a paper due? Oreos.  Finals week? Oreos.  Roommate issues? Oreos!

So here’s to Digital Libraries: slightly intimidating new technology to master but still excited to be learning it all.

And yes, I’m going to go eat some Oreos right now.


4 responses to “Some things never change

  1. Hi, a.d.m.n:
    Yes, I also witness technology evolution and revolution. Digitization and web are two important driving forces, among others. Let’s work together to learn in this course.

  2. Hi admn –
    I too am late to grad school and my how things have changed even since my first PC in 1990. Things seem to move so darn fast!

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